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Accounting & Tax Services

Your business is only as strong as the accounting systems you have in place. Tax time is essential, but what about the day-to-day operations? Every business should know what’s coming in and going out; most importantly, how to account for it all. We know the importance, so we offer several comprehensive services to get your business where it needs to be with precision.

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1:1 Consultation

If you’re unsure whether your business needs an accountant, a consultation call is the best place to start, especially if your revenue is soaring. During our 1.5-hour call, we’ll dive into your current business systems and evaluate if they help you lower your tax liability (or not). Our team will offer professional, candid advice every single time.

Premier CFO Accounting Services

Accounting services are the backbone of your finances as they detail your business’s performance. Accurate accounting records will empower you to make critical business decisions such as opening another location, hiring a new employee, or even running a sale on your merchandise. A solid accounting foundation will also allow for a smooth tax preparation process and increased business profits.


Stop convincing yourself that your business is too small to have an accountant on your team or that your Excel spreadsheet is equivalent to an accounting professional. You’re in business to make money, so it’s imperative to keep track of it all. An accountant will ensure you don’t leave any money on the table! 


Our Premier CFO accounting services package is best for those:

  • Earning $300K+ in annual revenue

  • Currently supported by a team or looking to hire employees

  • Earning revenue from multiple sources

  • Looking to scale business and maximize profits


Business and Individual Tax Return Preparation

In case you didn’t know, paying taxes is not optional. Not for sole proprietors, and certainly not for businesses. 


The IRS wants their cut, and they’ll get it by any means necessary. They don’t care if they inconvenience you by garnishing a majority of your hard-earned money or if your non-payment was an honest oversight. 


They will get their money voluntarily or involuntarily. You choose.


We assist with state and federal filings of the following return types:


  • ✔ 1040 Individual 

  • ✔ 1120S S-Corps

  • ✔ 1120 C-Corps

  • ✔ 1065 Partnerships


We assist with those quarterly estimates, too!


As a small biz entrepreneur or social media influencer, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to tackle your taxes. Here are some of the questions we’ll address when you work with us:


  • How did your business perform this year?

  • Have you accounted for ALL streams of revenue?

  • Have you tracked significant expenses like that fancy camera equipment or the editing software you had to have for your YouTube channel?

  • How much do you anticipate paying in taxes?

  • Is your business structured to help you save on taxes?


Arrington Solutions will keep you in line with Uncle Sam.

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